Moving on

I've been making some progress with animations.

Some visual cues have been added, it means tweens, tweens, tweens and all the hassle that goes with it.

I added a proper menu (right ?) :

And i started working on the objective system :

I'm excited about it, those, beside giving the progress aspect of the game will also add some game unlocks : I know for sure there will be a "Challenge" mode that will be a game against the clock and a "Custom" mode that will let you play with any combination of operator and hopefully linking it to some leaderboards.

I still want to polish the gameplay before diving too much into the objectives, i'd like the game to be interesting even without objectives, at least to some extent.


For the past 2 weeks, I've been trading my dev time deciding on a new development tech. Haxe was my main gamedev language for the past 5 years or so and i love it. My game engine of choice is/was Luxe, it has new plans for the future and one of it is switching language.

Wren is supposed to be the new default language of Luxe and i'm really interested about it, but for the time being i've been a bit demotivated working on the project knowing that it won't be "supported" anymore, I know it's open-source, you can mod... blablabla.
It never is a good idea to port a project for quite unclear reasons but i don't have super complex systems in place so i don't care much about that.

I've always liked the idea of using Unity : super popular, great online resources, full fledged game engine with GUI. I like the "cosy" environment but i never succeeded to stick to it. One reason is that I used to be a huge believer in entity-systems architecture and Unity kinda forces you into that hierarchical system, it always bothered me. I also felt the API a bit weird and bloated.

Godot Engine

I now have ported the game to Godot and I enjoy it : I like the UI, it's clean and definitely not overwhelming.
GDScript is sexy even though I miss my static typing. More about this on my twitter thread

I won't gon't further into this choice much, it's my path as of now and i might consider Luxe/Wren when it releases but that might be for another devlog.

Now i'm going to dive back into coding.

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