I've been working on a little math project for a few months on and off, more off than on to be honest but i'm back on track so i'm starting the devlog.

Not surprisingly, I have quite a bunch of projects that i've abandoned for various reasons but the most common reason is scope. I always think it is the right scope for the project but it never is.

I won't say anything about this very project but what i feel is that the gameplay is well more defined than any of my other projects.

Bizarrely my last project was also a little math game :

Some simple calculus, 2 health bars, some rpg elements and that would have been fun in my mind but not in this life apparently.

Anyway, i'm not gonna do a full history of my projects, my goal with Ukubala is having :

  • gameplay working at a basic level : done
  • a score counter
  • proper basic animations

and then build up from there.

To finish, a little a timeline of my progress so far :

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