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Antlers is a multiplayer online ARPG.

Arena, waves and loots, those are the three pillars of Antlers.


I am developing this game with multiplayer in mind, 2 classes at first and more importantly complementary.

๐Ÿ‘จโ€โš•๏ธ SPECIFIC ROLES

Archers throw arrows and healers heal !

Too much i've found classes/roles that are actually too polyvalent to feel yourself useful. So here is one of my objective, having roles that you really feel like you need in your team because they are the only one able to do their job.

Non offensive classes might be harder to "level", if it ever exists, as it will always need someone else; with tiny player base it might not work.


I'm still brainstorming this : I might go the roguelike way & maybe with some passive evolution of some sort. One idea would be to lose everything you picked during a run once you die except one piece of your gear you'd be chosing.


Only motivation for not implementing them is focus mainly. If i can handle some nice fights in arenas the game might evolve into some procedural dungeons.


Those are from 0x72's tileset https://0x72.itch.io/dungeontileset-ii

As time goes i'd like to custom it and maybe totally remove it but for now it's doing the job and i love its style.

Reach me on twitter at @caribouloche or on discord below :

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Follow actual coding on the trello board

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